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When you donate to Wylde Center, you are supporting our mission to educate, cultivate greenspaces and build community in the areas we serve. Donations are 100% tax-deductible and can be given in honor of or memory of someone,  or designated towards one of our special projects:

Donating $50 or more? Become a member of Wylde Center.

Special Project: Help Build the Mulberry Fields Children's Garden

Mulberry Fields turns 20 this year and Wylde Center wants this beloved garden to have a new children's area, reimagined as a natural, artistic, magical oasis to spark imagination and encourage learning through play. Help us make this possible by donating today.

Donate Securities, Stocks, Bonds, and Funds

Did you know that donating appreciated stock instead of cash may help you get a bigger tax break?

The tax benefits associated with charitable giving could enhance your ability to give and should be considered as part of your year-end tax planning. If the value of your stocks, funds or bonds has increased this year, giving appreciated stock directly to the Wylde Center could give you a dual tax benefit: You avoid paying taxes on the unrealized capital gains on the donated property, and you can write off the full value as a charitable donation when you itemize your taxes if you have owned the asset for more than one year.