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Garden Services

Gardens build healthy minds, bodies, and communities. They connect people to the environment, their food, and the people around them. When you start a garden and invite people in, you see greener futures unfold for everyone. Let us help yours flourish!

We offer garden construction services and garden coaching services. Our staff have studied agriculture, horticulture, sustainability, and school garden practices, as well as cultivated their knowledge through years of industry experience.

Garden Construction

Want a home garden or composting system but where don’t know you start? Hands-on garden work is who we are. We will help you pick the best site for you garden, create designs so you can envision what it will look like, source and deliver materials, build raised beds, and will help you start your first planting. Or maybe you already have a garden, but don’t know how exactly to take care of it. Or all of your plants are wilting – what’s wrong, and what do you do? We can help you with that too!

Please send an email to Chris Aleman at for a list of our services and fee schedule.


Garden Coaching

School gardens are living laboratories where students participate in hands-on, outdoor learning that reinforces their classroom curriculum, try new foods, and become environmental stewards. But they can also be daunting, especially for overworked parents and teachers who haven’t had any formal horticultural training.

For some green-thumb guidance, volunteer management,  and general assistance, the Wylde Center offers its Garden Coach services for schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations to help start gardens and keep them thriving.

What do I get from Garden Coaching?

Garden Coaches will come to you and help you answer the tough questions: Where and how should we build the garden beds? What do we put in the garden? How do we take care of it? Whether it’s seasonal growing, soil building, crop rotation, watering, composting, or pest management, we help you find the solution that’s right for you. Our Wylde Center staff will also lead workdays to help with all of your garden needs, from bed building to irrigation, to planting – all while teaching you and your volunteers these same valuable techniques.

Picking Lettuce horiz

Garden Coaching Packages

Garden Jump Start

Not sure what to do with your garden, but have parents eager to help? Our Garden Coach can come to your garden and lead volunteers in a work day where they can all learn to maintain, plant, and build your school garden.

We Plant, You Pick

Get the seasonal help you need to get the most out of your garden during the school year. Package includes prep work, weeding, sourcing materials, soil test, amendments, sowing seeds, planting and recommendations for in between care. Our Garden Coach will supply you of a seasonal list of available veggies at wholesale pricing to schools and non-profits.

Green Thumb Training

Want to learn how to care for the garden every season? Have our Garden Coach visit your garden to lead a workday for teacher/educators/administrators/garden manager where you can learn alongside our Garden Coach in spring, summer, fall, and winter (or combination of seasons). We will teach you how to plant properly, harvest and care for your plants to maximize growth and minimize pest and disease.

Interested in learning more about our Garden Coach package? Please send an email to Nichole Lupo at