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Teacher Training

Our one-day training courses for educators provide inspiration and opportunity for school staff to view edible school gardens as versatile, hands-on teaching tools while giving them the skills to use these resources.  Whether language arts or math, science or history, agriculture or art, school gardens are fertile ground for lessons and learning across all grade levels.

Even better, these trainings are tailored to your needs. Curricular strategies are tailored to the grade levels of your students. Trainings are done on-site at your school garden, so you know how to take care of it, what’s growing in it, and how to specifically use your garden to teach.

Choose between three workshop options:

Teaching in Your Edible Garden

This half-day course teaches instructors to use their school garden as a tool to support and enhance their classroom curriculum.  From Math to Social Studies, Language Arts to Science, learn simple ways to connect the garden to your classroom while fostering hands-on and discovery-based learning experiences, adventures into new foods, and environmental awareness.

Includes: 4.5 hours of instruction on garden and culinary-based education techniques and materials, as well as a locally-sourced, farm-fresh lunch.

Cost: Please contact Dory Cooper at for pricing and more information.

Installing and Maintaining Your Garden

This half-day course is designed to assist schools not only plan new gardens, but also learn how to maintain their preexisting outdoor learning spaces.  Wylde Center staff help teachers and administrators get over the hurdle of not knowing what to do in the garden so they can be comfortable teaching in the garden and incorporate garden care into their classroom routines.

Includes: 4.5 hours of school-specific instruction on planning your garden, planting it, maintaining it, and getting to know its unique features, all so the garden can be most easily linked to your classroom curriculum.  Also includes a locally-sourced, farm-fresh lunch.

Cost: Please contactDory Cooper at for pricing and more information.

Growing Green Futures: Teaching in and Maintaining Your School Garden

Get the best of both worlds by combining "Teaching in Your Edible Garden" and "Installing and Maintaining Your Garden" into one, school-specific, affordable training day.  Learn how to care for your school garden and how to teach in it.

Includes: 7 hours of instruction on garden-based education and garden planning/maintenance, as well as a locally-sourced, farm-fresh lunch and pertinent materials.

Cost: Please contact Dory Cooper at for pricing and more information.

Spring and summer are a great time for garden trainings, giving teachers the chance to incorporate the garden into their curriculum plans for next year.  So don’t wait – sign your school up for a teacher training today!

For more information or to book a training, please contact Dory Cooper at

See you in the school garden!

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The Wylde Center now offers a monthly farm to school newsletter for teachers, parents, and other stakeholders. This monthly update will offer helpful information for school gardeners, like seasonal gardening tips, curriculum ideas, and professional development opportunities for teachers.