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Decatur Housing Authority

The Wylde Center works with the Decatur Housing Authority to cultivate hands-on learning experiences where youth and seniors can stay active, learn where their food comes from, and learn to make healthy food choices.

Our garden-based education program gets youth into local gardens to teach them about food origins, healthy living, and the science of agriculture.  Participants plan, harvest and prepare meals while learning the nutrition benefits of fresh foods. As we expand their knowledge of how their food goes from farm to table, we empower them to take responsibility for their food options and their health. Dynamic days in the garden provide myriad outdoor activities for youth to work together and build relationships not only with the garden, but also with each other and their community.

2016-01-15 DHA 13

“I told my little brother what type of vegetables we planted. He actually wanted to start being in the garden club. When he found out that he was too young for this program he asked my grandmother if we could start gardening as a family. I hope we do because then I could do more stuff with my family. I think we could plant things we cook around the house like garlic, tomatoes, and lettuce. The garden program helped me to learn that you can actually grow the things we use in the kitchen. Being in the garden actually made me feel healthy!”

—12 year old participant from the Decatur Housing Authority

Our program at the Decatur Housing Authority is supported by the following foundations

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