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Oakhurst Garden Renovations

25th Annual Capital Campaign

Our much-anticipated project, the largest of our 25th Anniversary Capital Campaign, is finally underway! We are happy to finally be able to watch the years of preparation and planning take shape in a very visible and public way.

The Oakhurst Garden will undergo a total facelift. First, the flooding of the garden will be remedied by a combination of drains and rain gardens. Simultaneously, the building that has housed events, classes, and staff offices will be completely gutted and rebuilt to provide a functional space that is ADA compliant and has a large multi-purpose room for a class of 25 or an event that needs to be indoors.

Because you have invested in this project with generous volunteer time and financial support, we want to make sure you are up-to-date on all of the changes as they are happening. Afterall, this is a community garden!

For updates on the project and to watch the progress unfold, please check back often as we will update this page often.

Wylde Center Rendering - Rear

After a long search for just the right contractor to trust with the Oakhurst Garden project, we have entered into a contract with Headley Construction out of Newnan. We are confident that they will do wonderful work while preserving as much of the garden as possible--they get the spirit of this community!

headley logo

In preparation for the construction, we have had to remove garden beds, rescue plants, and remove some trees that would not survive construction.

Our beautiful maple behind the building was one of the trees that was nearing end of life and needed to be removed before construction began. We are thankful for Appleseed Tree Service for their in-kind donation of arboricultural services at the garden. They are supportive community partners!