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Mulberry Fields

Mulberry Fields is a unique garden oasis located within the in-town neighborhood of Candler Park, Atlanta.

Named after a beloved goat of times past, Mulberry Fields is an acre of open meadow, mulberry groves, flower gardens, and towering old pecan trees. It offers an accessible greenspace for recreation, environmental education, community building, and organic growing. A haven for urban wildlife, the garden also shelters neighborhood hawks, owls, bluebirds and a variety of woodpecker species. Present-day Mulberry Fields was once part of a late 19th century dairy farm. The oldest farmhouse was built on the west end of the property and still stands today.

What is there to do? Children and their families flock to the animal pens to visit the goats, discover the wonder of fresh eggs, and play in the meadow. Locals rent allotments and participate as community gardeners. Playgroups for mothers and toddlers regularly meet in the meadow. Children discover the wonder of growing their own food and learn about the lifecycles of plants, insects, birds, trees, and flowers.

In 2007, the land was placed in a conservation easement securing its continuity as green space and protecting it from development. In 2016, Wylde Center assumed the management of Mulberry Fields. We are so excited to have added this beautiful garden to our organization.

Community Plots

Mulberry Fields has plots available for people from the community to grow vegetables and flowers. Basic requirements to rent a plot at the Garden includes a non-refundable yearly plot fee, current Wylde Center donor membership, and a commitment to give ten community service hours back to the Wylde Center. The plot year runs March 1-February 28.

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering? Please visit Hands On Atlanta or email

Groups may volunteer by appointment.

Contact Site Coordinator, Alan Ashe at to get involved.


Is this a park? Is this a dog park? We are like a park in that we are open to the community at no charge. We are not a dog park. You are welcome to bring your dog as long as you use a leash. Please keep your pet away from garden plots, and clean up any waste. 

Is this someone’s backyard? Backyards back up to Mulberry Fields, but the actual garden is not anyone’s yard.

Does the City of Atlanta own this garden? No. The land is privately owned and liability is covered by Wylde Center.

Is it ok to have a picnic in the garden? Yes! We have picnic tables. We just ask that you deposit your trash in the waste bins provided or take it with you when you leave. 

Can I have a party for my child’s birthday here? Mulberry Fields is available for private rental including birthday parties.

How can we help? You can volunteer. You can make a tax-deductible donation. You can become a plot holder. Please go to to make a donation and to find out more information about getting involved. We are on Facebook at Wylde Center - Mulberry Fields Greenspace and Garden.

May we feed the animals? Yes, you can feed the goats and chickens. Please read the list of safe options posted on the fence.


Mulberry Fields is located down an old city alley next to 1301 Iverson St. Come through the gate and follow the path.