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Availability & Pricing

Current availability:

Click the button below to access our "current" plant availability.

**Disclaimer: our list is updated weekly on Fridays and reflects what we have available on-site at the time of inventory. All sales are first-come first-serve and there is no guarantee plants will be available when you arrive.

What We Sell:


  • Cool Season: March 1-April 1, and September 1 - October 31. (kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, collard, chard, greens, lettuces, peas)
  • Summer Veggies: April 15 - June 15. (tomato, pepper, eggplant, zucchini, squash, cucumber, okra, beans, amaranth)

Herbs, Perennials, Annuals and Native Plants

  • Year round, with most of our availability in March-June, September-October. Check current availability list

Fruiting Plants

  • We sell strawberries, blueberries, brambles and other select fruit bearing plants from March - April while supplies last.

Seed Packets from Seed Savers Exchange

  • March-April, September (seasonal availability)



Our prices are located on the individual plant sign and/or tag for the self checkout sale. Vegetable plant prices are typically $4, while herbs and perennials range from $6-30 depending on size etc. 

Schools, non-profits, and community gardens: 50% off retail for all edible plants (vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees). 

Sliding scale, wholesale: Contact Emily ( to get on the wholesale/discounts email list if you are a farm, school or community garden interested in larger quantities. We send out periodic emails when we have overstock.