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Compost Club

Join the Compost Club

Wylde Center has been pleased to offer public composting services at Oakhurst Garden, Sugar Creek Garden, and Edgewood Community Learning Garden for over 15 years. Our composting process has evolved over the years, and staff and volunteers have spent countless hours improving and maintaining our system.

Over the past few years, the number of community members composting at our sites has increased drastically. We love your enthusiasm for composting! However, we are overflowing with fresh content, and it is more than we can handle with our current staff and volunteers.

In order to manage the raw materials we receive, we are moving to a subscription based service starting November 1, 2023. The bins will be closed to the public going forward.

Compost club fees are $100 per year for Wylde Center members, become a member today, or $120 for non members. This minimal fee will allow us to better maintain our compost systems. Please contact for financial assistance options.

Compost club members will receive the following benefits:

1. Unlimited access to compost bins at Wylde Center Greenspaces

2. A share of the finished compost available

3. Quarterly compost education opportunities